Covid-19 Patient Engagement Solutions

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COVID-19 Accelerating Technology Adoption

The world changes rapidly from significant events. COVID-19 is changing how healthcare operates. Technology solutions that once were helpful are now imperative to provide to your patients. Healthcare systems, physician practices, and specialty clinics are quickly adapting in order to increase productivity, streamline costs, and to improve patient experience now more than ever by providing direction, guidance and information to ease patient’s minds. As a trusted partner, Zenig has the solutions to help you quickly adapt as healthcare transitions to the future. We want to assist you in providing the safest and best care possible.

We want to give special thanks to the over 17 million individuals working in healthcare in the U.S. We sincerely appreciate all of our healthcare professionals on the front lines and behind the scenes ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our communities.

Our COVID-19 Solutions

Connect the Way Patients Want to Connect

Nearly 80% of Americans check their phones within ten to fifteen minutes of waking. They also check their phones an average 150 times per day, it’s no surprise we are concentrating on how to best reach clients on their mobile phones.

Patient Communicator

  • Mass communicate with your patients to inform them of important updates, scheduling changes and availabilities.
  • Announce reopening date, time and revised hours of operation.
  • Provide links to arrival procedures or telehealth options.
  • Easily converse with patient utilizing two-way text messaging to help ease their mind and answer questions in real time.

Appointment Reminder & Arrival Instructions

  • Remind patients of upcoming appointments
  • Notify patients of new or updated arrival processes
  • Provide links for updates or information pertaining to precautions to take prior to arrival

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Our hospital solutions are enterprise-ready. We offer on premise and cloud-based solutions, depending on your IT requirements. We fully integrate with most popular medical record software and are fully HIPAA compliant.



Urgent care, ambulatory, surgical, and regional ER centers can utilize our convenient Kiosk and Patient Flow software to keep patients coming back for an excellent experience with your facility.



All the benefits of a large IT department can be yours with Zenig’s solution on a low-cost monthly basis. With our cloud-based hosted solution, you can go live, start running reports, and delivering positive patient experiences on day one.