Covid-19 Patient Engagement Solutions

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Walking into a hospital, outpatient center, or physician practice can be stressful. Show your patients you care by giving them the very best step-by-step experience possible. By engaging the patient with pre-registration, communicating each step of the way in a human voice, and collaborating with all the departments on the patient’s journey, you’ll not only share a common understanding of the patient’s status, you’ll surround the patient with a personalized treatment that builds loyalty with a positive patient experience.

Patient Flow is a Roadmap for Efficiency

  • Decrease wait times –  improve your operations by unveiling inefficiencies now that you have a seamless, continuous view into all your patient processes.
  • Smaller waiting rooms – reduce the size of your waiting rooms as you’ll need fewer seats!
  • Improve cross-departmental collaboration – bring departments such as radiology and lab into the integrated patient experience and reduce time-wasting disruptions to check status, inquiries, and impersonal handoffs.
  • Increase patient satisfaction – as patients move through the system, they wait less, are asked fewer redundant questions, and are treated more individually like a person, not a case or a number.

Ensure the optimal patient experience

Patient Flow is a web-based tool that will help you manage your patient’s visit– scheduled or walk-in– through your hospital, outpatient center, or physician practice. Start with pre-registration and your front desk; move through registration, and continue through all patient services. Handoffs and communication between each patient contact are seamless.

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Our hospital solutions are enterprise-ready. We offer on premise and cloud-based solutions, depending on your IT requirements. We fully integrate with most popular medical record software and are fully HIPAA compliant.



Urgent care, ambulatory, surgical, and regional ER centers can utilize our convenient Kiosk and Patient Flow software to keep patients coming back for an excellent experience with your facility.



All the benefits of a large IT department can be yours with Zenig’s solution on a low-cost monthly basis. With our cloud-based hosted solution, you can go live, start running reports, and delivering positive patient experiences on day one.

AdventHealth Sebring

“My experience with Zenig has been a complete pleasure. Patient Flow has decreased the amount of time it takes to locate our patients and increased our communications between departments. The system has enabled the staff to rid themselves of disorganization and find harmony within its user-friendly functionality. We have used the product for over 6 years; there is truly nothing on the current market that compares to this system’s many abilities.”

Brittney, Patient Access Director
Florida Hospital Heartland Medical Center

Park Ridge Health

“The Zenig patient tracking system has allowed us to provide a more personal experience for our patients. I anticipate an increase in our patient satisfaction scores in outpatient registration. The reporting tools provide both real time and historical reporting so I am able to review individual performance and determine staffing needs as well.”

Colin, Patient Access Director
Park Ridge Health

AdventHealth Altamonte

“Zenig has allowed my management team to communicate and clearly answer the Gallup Question of ‘What’s expected of me at work.’ The impact of how we coach on registration duration has been powerful amongst the IP OP registration teams.”

Theortra, Patient Access Director
Florida Hospital Altamonte

AdventHeath Winter Garden

"Zenig gives us a visual representation of a patient's location. It helps us tremendously in knowing exactly where the patient is in their service, as well as letting us track where the patient is after the fact. It allows us to provide updates to family members while they're waiting, and answer any questions. I can't envision our workflow without Zenig."

Maria Almario, Patient Access Manager
Florida Hospital, Winter Springs