90% of patients no longer feel obligated to stay with healthcare providers that don’t deliver an overall satisfactory digital experience.

- 2018 Black Book survey

How it works

1. SMS or email an invitation

Easy to use, no downloads

A link is sent to your patients which will guide them to our mobile friendly, web-based solution.

No downloads required.

Patient Story

Mary gets a text for her upcoming wellness appointment, but is busy running errands. Later in the evening, after the kids are in bed she sits down to begin her patient intake.

2. Verify and update information

Flexible, configurable questions

With a few simple clicks, patients will be able to quickly and effortlessly update demographic information, emergency contacts, and more.

Easily add questions based on your specific workflows.

Patient Story

Mary notices her contact information is incorrect. She quickly changes her email and continues on.

3. Scan insurance and license

Improve accuracy with OCR

Our platform provides the latest in image capturing and OCR technology, ensuring that you have the data you need to operate efficiently.

Patient Story

Mary enjoys simply scanning her license and insurance cards. She mentally notes that she wishes all her providers had such an easy intake process.

4. Fill out and sign forms

Capture electronic signature

Patients can complete forms from the comfort of their own home, when they have time to be more accurate.

Patient Story

Not feeling rushed by the stress of the provider's office, Mary takes a little bit of extra time to read through her consent form, signing electronically once complete.

5. Collect payment

Estimates, eligibility, payment plans

Providing transparency and giving your patients the opportunity to pay in advance is not only a convenience to the patient, but is an industry proven method of increasing your collection rate and reducing staff time spent on collecting payments.

Patient Story

Mary is relieved and happy to see her payment estimate ahead of her appointment. She quickly pays and makes a note in her budget.

6. ZenPass

Touchless on-site check-in

When patients arrive they are immediately ready for service and so is your staff.

Patient Story

For Mary, a simple trip to the waiting room is full of stress. She is relieved when all she has to do is simply scan her ZenPass at the check-in kiosk and take a seat.

label-img 40+ FACILITIES
label-img 3000+ USERS
label-img 5 MILLION+ VISITS

[n]early 60% of respondents report that their intake management solution helps their practice be more efficient, focus better on the patient experience, and eliminate some of the overhead associated with the processing patient questionnaires and managing patient check-in.

- Patient Intake Management 2018 Solutions
for More Efficient Practice - KLAS Report

Truly Configurable

Every office, clinic, hospital, or provider has their own specific workflows, forms, and needs. In the face of the diverse needs of healthcare, our solution is built from the ground up to be fully customizeable and easily configurable.

Easy Integration

In healthcare, no software solution is an island unto itself. We take pride in our flexibility to integrate with third party solutions and have existing integrations with Cerner, Instamed, Impravata, Meditech and more. The data our solution collects is your data, and should be easily integrated with any other solutions your processes require.


Our dashboard gives your staff quick and easy access to monitor patient's intake status. View and update information and verify patients have completed their paperwork before they arrive for their visit.

Analytics / Reports

The benefits of digitizing your patient intake process extends far beyond patient experience, reduced waiting times, and preventing errors. By digitizing your process you begin to capture invaluable data on how your patients and staff are engaging - valuable data you can use to transform your organization to achieve new levels of efficiency and profitibility.