Streamline your workflow through patient tracking technology.

Why Zenig?

Our patient tracking platform is a web-based solution that will manage your patient’s visit – scheduled or walk-in – through your hospital, outpatient center or physician practice.

Starting with check-in, moving through registration, and continuing through all the patient’s services, each step is measurable, allows seamless handoffs and improved communication lead to a better patient experience.

You can’t improve what you don’t measure!

My experience with Zenig has been a complete pleasure. Patient Flow has decreased the amount of time it takes to locate our patients and increased our communications between departments. The system has enabled the staff to rid themselves of disorganization and find harmony within its user-friendly functionality. We have used the product for over 6 years; there is truly nothing on the current market that compares to this system’s many abilities.

- Brittney, Patient Access Director

AdventHealth Heartland Medical Center.

Humanize the Patient Experience

Walking into a hospital, outpatient center, or physician practice can be stressful. Show your patients you care by giving them the very best step-by-step experience possible.

By communicating each step of the way in a human voice, and collaborating with all the departments on the patient’s journey, you’ll not only share a common understanding of the patient’s status, you’ll surround the patient with a personalized treatment that builds loyalty with a positive patient experience.

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