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Patient Flow

Patient Flow provides the outpatient workflow and insight to operate optimally.

Patient Flow is a web-based tool to manage your patient’s visit – scheduled or walk-in – through your hospital, ambulatory practice or clinic. Beginning with pre-registration and your front desk, through registration and the patient’s service(s), increase communication between each patient contact and unveil
your inefficiencies.

  • Decrease wait times – a single, continuous patient flow solution will streamline processes, as well as, give you the insight to improve your operations through clear reports.
  • Smaller waiting rooms – as your wait times reduce, you’ll need fewer seats in your waiting area.
  • Improve cross-department collaboration – bring departments like radiology and lab onboard to allow the organization for a full understanding of the patient’s journey at facility.
  • Increase patient satisfaction – as outpatient workflow improves, your patients wait less, are asked less redundant questions and feel that they are treated as a person, not a number.
As with all Zenig solutions:

  • HIPAA-Compliance
  • Web-Based-UI
  • Single Sign-On
  • 99.9% Uptime


Reports and data are valuable components of our solutions. We take your daily business and turn it into visuals that get your process improvement gears cranking!


Whether it’s reaching employees with important communications or reducing disruptive phone calls between departments – Patient Flow is ready to tackle your communication challenges.


We build great solutions, yet we recognize every client is different. That’s why Patient Flow’s strength is its robust core functionality paired with easy, customizable flexibility.


We believe in streamlining as the means to improve process and experience. Our product can integrate departments beyond the front desk into Patient Flow and play nicely with systems to pull patient data and reduce data entry.


Understand your performance with our reports. A multitude of reports with beautiful charts and data are available within a few clicks. If you want to run your own reports, a button puts all the data into an Excel file for endless possibilities.

Visit Timeline

From every screen, quickly see a timeline of a visit. Understand the time it took for each service area as well as the wait time in-between. Never has it been so clear to identify delays.

Wait Time

Nobody likes to wait. How long are your patients waiting? Run a report and know what your patients are waiting for and for how long.


Ever wonder how to staff your department? Now you can see your volume on an hourly basis.

Service Volume

Your facility provides many of services. See which services with the highest volume all the way to the lowest volume.


Communication is critical in healthcare. Use communication tools that are effective and integrate seamlessly with your operations.

Announce Yourself

Ever want to get a message out to your staff quickly, regardless of their schedule? Ever wonder if they read your memos? With the announcement tool, staff will see your announcements and able to mark them as read. You’ll even know when they read it and who hasn’t.

Be the Messenger

Phone calls while you’re working with a patient is disrupting. Easily send messages to any staff member and they’ll see it. You’ll also spend less time tracking someone down if they are not at their phone. Communicate efficiently.


Break the Box

Your facility is unique. Why try to fit into a box? The solution is highly customizable. You can even collect and analyze additional data with ease. Custom software without custom headaches.


Why enter data when you don’t have to? Most likely, you have data in another system that can be utilized. With flexible integration points, you’ll be sure to focus on your operations and not on data entry.


Everybody has a name and a date of birth. If they’ve been to your facility before, they also have a medical record number. Easily integrate this information and reduce data entry errors.


Streamline the front desk by integrating pre-registration information, making check-in on the day of visit a snap.

Service Areas

Does your existing systems track when registration or services are started and/or completed? If so, no need to do this twice. Our systems can synchronize to get the highest benefit without any extra hassle.

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