Covid-19 Patient Engagement Solutions

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Solving COVID-19 Challenges with Zenig Virtual Waiting Room


As our nation enters the de-escalation stage of the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare providers are preparing to reopen their doors to patients. Providers are tasked with establishing and most importantly, communicating processes to safely allow and welcome patients back into their offices and facilities. All of these elements are necessary to ease patient’s fears surrounding exposure to the virus.

A recent survey of over 1,300 patients at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, found that more than half of people delayed routine health care during the Covid-19 pandemic.

We are faced with the greatest public health issue of our lifetime. Gone are the days when sitting in a waiting room was just frustrating for patients. COVID-19 has changed the healthcare landscape, both physically and mentally. As a healthcare provider, there is pressure to navigate and develop processes to meet these new demands. The prevalent question is, “How can we encourage patients to seek the care they need?”

Zenig’s Virtual Waiting Room Solution

Eliminating the fear of the unknown for your patients begins with thoughtful and detailed communication. Patients justifiably feel their healthcare providers are the most important source of information. Continuing to build upon the trust you have established with your patients is more important than ever.

Our virtual waiting room solution is one just one component within our product offerings to provide the most up to date and important information to patients. All of our products work seamlessly with the other as well as, work independently of one another. Our solutions are web based, allowing patients to use their own mobile phones without the need to download an app. Our solutions are fully customizable to meet your facility’s specific workflow needs.

Pre-Visit Check-In

Prior to the patient’s scheduled appointment, a text message is delivered with instructions to pre-register for their visit. Provide your patients with the ability to manage the check-in process remotely in the comfort of their home – creating a “touch-less” experience patients want. Patients can review and edit demographic information, capture driver’s license and insurance card photos, make payments and complete necessary documentation prior to their visit. Also, pre-visit instructions can be shared at this time; links to COVID-19 specific information, directions to the facility, pre-visit instructions, the ability to add their appointment to their Outlook or Google Calendar, and so much more.

Appointment Reminder

Patients receive an appointment reminder  prior to their scheduled visit, the message will instruct the patient to reply back upon arrival at the facility. Predefined or free text message options are available to staff to respond to the patient to acknowledge their arrival and provide any information needed.

Ready to See You

When the practitioner is available to see the patient a message, predefined or free text, will be delivered providing them with instructions on how they should enter the facility and what may be required (temperature screening, if they do not have their own mask one will be provided, etc.).

Zenig’s Virtual Waiting Room Anywhere

Not all patient medical needs can be addressed by means of a telehealth solution. With Zenig’s Virtual Waiting Room, healthcare providers can care for patients who require in-person visits while avoiding the unnecessary risk of exposure to others.

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